David Gross is a third-generation master diamantaire. Following in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps he has inherited their innate understanding and appreciation for superb diamond jewelry. David’s father has been instrumental in perfecting some of the different cuts of diamond, including the classic emerald and cushion cuts, so David grew up appreciating the delicate fine-tuning of each cut necessary to suit each individual stone.  Opting to develop a business in finished pieces - and with an exceptional eye for color - David started working with fancy colored diamonds, then moving on to colored gems. 


First place winner for the second time of the prestigious AGTA Spectrum Awards Jewelry Design competition for a magnificent 20.26 yellow cushion cut sapphire and diamond ring, David brings a diamond perspective to colored gems, cutting and re-cutting them to optimize the light return of each piece. His rings are color saturated masterpieces, chosen for their outstanding quality and set with the perfect complementary side stones.  He brings to life a rare selection of pink, yellow and blue sapphires, rubies, red spinel and green tsavorite with cuts chosen to dramatize their individual, exquisite refinement, designing and manufacturing each piece to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

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