David Gross Group is a private jewelry manufacturer, which supplies to the high-end wholesale diamond, gemstone, and jewelry trade. In the short time since its inception, the company has earned the respect and admiration of a number of key players in the industry for the quality of its merchandise and service, and for the honesty and integrity of its impeccable standards, setting a bar that is way above the industry norms.

The level of trust and confidence of our client base is evident in the personal relationships the company enjoys with Presidents and CEOs of the companies to which it sells. When in the market for a diamond or gemstone product for their own loved ones, many of them insist on David Gross for the level of quality, honesty and integrity they have come to admire.

Our sales office is located at 22 West 48th Street 14th Floor in New York City.

Our Background
David Gross Group, LLC, was incorporated in March of 2013.  David is a third-generation to the Gross family’s international renown in the diamond and jewelry industry.  Previously, he was president of the sales division at MJ Gross, Inc., for 11 years, and has spearheaded that company’s transition to the new realities of the global marketplace.
The goal of David Gross Group is to harness the high-end technical know-how of the diamond manufacturing industry and implement that level of precision to the gemstone jewelry manufacturing process.
Our Market Share 
David Gross Group has developed a trademark approach of mounting rare gemstones in unique and customized settings that leverage the stones’ value and complements the center gemstone as well. Identifying a unique niche in the colored-gem industry, which is generally not focused on the details and specifics required for this unique product, we are able to purchase our gemstones at reasonable prices. Our proprietary process essentially “remanufactures” the stone to produce an entirely different product with an exclusive retail value. At present, the gemstone market competition for our industry niche is negligible as
Our Process 
  • First we identify magnificent gemstones and white or colored diamonds at a fair price.  We generally import our supply from overseas manufacturers. Some characteristics we seek for the merchandise are a unique and one-of-a-kind color, clarity and light return.
  • Next, we cut the stones, if needed, to bring them up to the required standards for our company’s unique product line.
  • Then we develop a unique jewelry-piece design that accentuates and maximizes the characteristics of each stone while maintaining a MSRP that is appropriate for the specific stone or stones.
  • Next, we find and purchase the side stones for the jewelry.
  • Once we have the pieces, we put the jewelry into production.
  • We photograph the finished product with high-resolution jeweler-quality photography and submit the jewelry to the grading laboratory for a grading report and estimated retail value.
  • Finally, we offer the product for sale via our email listings.
David Gross Group has produced and sold a significant number of outstanding, one-of-a-kind jewelry items while keeping our operating costs to a minimum. Our goal is to maximize the success of this company to its ultimate potential while keeping to our core value of honesty and integrity in every facet of our business.

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